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SHRM@QU Presents: Stephanie De Ment, HR Assistant at ECA

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SHRM@QU is a local student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. We provide students from across the University with the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the effective management of human capital in the field of Human Resource Management through affiliation with the New Haven Chapter, the CT State Council, and the national SHRM organization.

The objectives of this chapter include:

*Promoting the exchange of work-related experience of established business professionals with the theoretical academic perspectives of student and faculty members through open forums and information exchanges.

*Encouraging the acquisition, growth, and continuation of our respective careers in human resource management through expanded knowledge, camaraderie, respect, and mutual support among chapter members and through our affiliation with SHRM and our sponsoring chapter.

*Provide a pool of human resource management leaders for perpetuation of the chapter and of SHRM.

*Function as an important vehicle for promoting the field of human resource management to students.



On Friday, October 28, 2016 Stephanie De Ment gave a highly engaging presentation to SHRM@QU members. Mrs. De Ment provided insight on HR in the manufacturing industry. She has been working in the manufacturing sector for 4+ years and is currently an HR Assistant at Electri-Cable Assemblies (ECA).

Not only did she describe what it is like to conduct HR practice in the manufacturing industry, she also provided advice about HR career planning. She outlined the qualities of a person who is the perfect fit for a job in HR and where a job in HR can take you. The presentation was incredibly engaging and delivered several insights on the different facets of HR. This was helpful for the members, especially the newly inducted ones, to receive information given on what it is like to work in HR and the different things that can be done with a concentration or degree in HRM. Mrs. De Ment left members with the advice to “take the road less traveled” because even if we are not following the path expected of us things will fall into place in our careers. We would like to thank Mrs. De Ment for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk with us about her experience and share her advice.

To learn more about ECA go to:  


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