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Meet Our SHRM@QU Executive Council!

Symone Foster, President 2020-2021

Symone Foster is in her third year of school at Quinnipiac. Enrolled in the 3+1 program, she is a Business Management major with a concentration in Human Resources. Symone is also an athlete on Quinnipiac’s track and field team. In her free time she also participates in the Black Student Union, Bobcat Project Management, Naturally Me, and Afro-Caribbean Student Union clubs.


The duties and powers of the President shall be to preside at all meetings of this chapter; act as chairperson of the Executive Council. The president shall generate and update the chapter mission statement and annual goals/objectives. The president shall appoint chairpersons for standing and temporary committees, and shall administer the business of this chapter between regular meetings, exercising authority consistent with the powers given in these bylaws. The president will also gather, distribute, and manage the chapter’s funds. Sound chapter operations require the establishment of and adherence to realistic budgets. All officers should be informed of funds budgeted for chapter activities prior to planning for the year.

Lauryn Santos, Vice President 2020-2021

Lauryn Santos is a second year Junior at Quinnipiac University in the 3+1 Accelerated Dual Degree MBA Program.  At Quinnipiac, Lauryn is involved in QU Investment Club, Kickline, and of course SHRM. As Vice President of SHRM, Lauryn hopes to make this the most successful year of SHRM yet!


The duties and powers of the Vice President shall be to perform the duties of the president in the event of his or her absence, disability or at the president’s request. If the office of the president becomes vacant, the vice president will temporarily act as president of this chapter. The chapter membership will then nominate and vote on a permanent replacement for the president. Shall also be responsible for coordinating with the President to create and monitor the semester calendar of events for the chapter and regularly update DoYouQU. 

Taylor Proulx, Secretary 2020-2021

As a second-year Finance major in the 3+1 MBA Program at Quinnipiac, Taylor is the Secretary and Website Administrator of the Society for Human Resource Management. In addition, he is a member of the Investment Club, co-hosts a podcast, and works at the Quinnipiac Polling Institute.


The duties and powers of the Secretary shall be to take minutes of meetings, distribute meeting agenda and previous meeting minutes, circulate sign-in and sign-up sheets at meetings, make copies available of relevant announcements and any other materials for distribution at chapter meetings. The secretary and website administrator shall also distribute all announcements, meeting agenda and minutes for chapter members, if requested, and post on the website. The secretary and website administrator will also work with the faculty advisor to make sure the website and Instagram are up-to-date.

Madison Stout, Career Liaison 2020-2021

Madison Stout is a sophomore Political Science and Business Management with a Concentration in Human Resources double major. She is currently a Sophomore Year Area Resident Assistant, on the Public Relations Committee for QTHON, in Alpha Phi Omega and serves as the Career Liaison for SHRM@QU. Madison is employed at Quinnipiac as a Digital Coordinator with a focus in Social Media Marketing in the Office of Integrated Marketing and Communications, and as a Student Assistant for Special Events in the Office of University Events and Community Partnerships.


The duties and powers of the Career Liaison shall be to work closely with the Quinnipiac University Career Development office to serve as the link between students and the department; attend School of Business events, provide feedback, and encourage students to attend events; research and send out weekly internship/job postings to members, as well as educate members about Quinnipiac University Career Connections (QUCC).

Dr. Julia Fullick-Jagiela, Faculty Advisor

Her work is centered on redefining leadership development practice to include diverse leader voices and experience. She challenges students to be catalysts for inclusive and equitable change and empower them to be dedicated leaders in the classroom and community. In her roles as PUCWB Co-Director and Associate Professor and Chair of Management, she is a passionate advocate for advancing women in the workforce and engaging real systemic change that will allow them to bring their authentic intersectional identities to the table. She has developed formal mentoring programs and consulted with non-profits and professional organizations. She is an active member of SIOP, SHRM, and AOM. In 2017, she was a QU Excellence in Teaching Award semi-finalist, and in 2015 was awarded the Quinnipiac University Pi Beta Phi Certificate of Excellence in Teaching Award. She is the founding faculty advisor for SHRM@QU, a Superior Merit Award winning student chapter. In 2011, she was awarded the William R. Jones Most Valuable Mentor Award from the Florida Education Fund. She is a SIOP CEMA mentor and was part of the SIOP E&T Committee that revised the I-O Masters and PhD Curriculum Guidelines in 2016. As part of her commitment to being a lifelong learner in her roles, she completed the HERS Institute Higher Education Leadership Development Program in 2019. She earned her Ph.D. and M.S. in Industrial Organizational Psychology and B.S., Honors in the Major in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. 


The duties and or responsibilities of the Advisor shall be to serve as the primary contact for Society headquarters, receive chapter materials for distribution to officers, advise chapter officers on the formation and implementation of the chapter’s goals, objectives, and programs and ensure that the chapter understands the role of SHRM as a professional organization. The guidance that the chapter advisor provides is the primary element in establishment and continuity of the student group. The advisor’s understanding of the human resource field and recognition of benefits of participation in an established professional community guides his or her actions. A general interest in and enthusiasm for the students’ efforts and activities and attendance at planned events are important contributions that the advisor makes throughout the year.

Dr. D’Lisa Nicole McKee, Case Competition Coach

Dr. McKee is an Assistant Professor of Management at Quinnipiac University and teaches courses in the areas of human resources and OB/management. Her research interests include deviant and normative behavior, ethical decision-making, social identity, and family business.  Her current research focuses on the impact visible tattoos have on HR outcomes.  She is an active member of the Southern Management Association and the Academy of Management.


Past Executive Council Members

Caroline Arzt, Career Liaison, 2014-2015

Olivia Atkin, President, 2014-2016

Arianna Berke, President, 2018-2020

David Bouton, Vice President, 2015-2016

Chelsea Campbell, Vice President, 2016-2017, Secretary, Fall 2015

Michael Courtemanche, Vice President, 2017-2018

Chris Gosselin, Treasurer, 2016-2017

Brittany Hayles, Secretary and Website Admin, 2014-2015

Jena Hook, Vice President, 2018-2019

PJ Jimenez, Vice President, 2014-2015

       Nicole Kontzmanis, Career Liaison, 2019-2020

       Kelli Liebermann, Career Liaison, 2017-2019

Kristina Maceira, President, 2016-2018

       Kelly Manzo, Vice President, 2019-2020

Courtney Mazza, Career Liaison, 2015-2017

Leah Mueller, Secretary, 2018-2019

Catherine Walsh, Secretary, 2016-2018

       Gabrielle White, Secretary, 2019-2020


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